Relationship between water storage and drainage and roof greening

Roof greening must have a lot of advantages in roof greening, not only can improve the indoor temperature of the roof house, improve the roof insulation effect, protect the building from high temperature, ultraviolet rays and other damage, help to extend its life, and also purify the air, adjust Urban climate, mitigating the heat island effect, etc., all of which are inseparable from the roof greening drainage board. Undoubtedly, the greening of the roof, which is known as the “fifth facade”, is an important part of the three-dimensional greening of the city. A great leap in the urban environment landscape, with the application of green drainage boards, people's lives are not boring and bored, and green always gives people an upward ambiguity!
After all, the widespread promotion of air-conditioning can't change the indoor warm winter and cool summer that people are pursuing. The green house can reduce the indoor temperature by 1.2 degrees and save more than 30%. In hot weather, the temperature of the open-air ceiling of the building can be reached once. 50 degrees, but after the roof is greened, the roof temperature can be reduced to about 30 degrees. Purchasing green drainage board to our factory, we are the manufacturer of green drainage board, and since 2005, Beijing has issued the country's first roof greening standard, subsidizing more than 10 million yuan per year. Guangzhou has formulated the “Technical Specification for Roof Greening”. It is also the second city in the country to develop relevant standards after Beijing.

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