How to clean colored stainless steel doors

The various "materials" of the material door in the market compare stainless steel doors, and the use of colored stainless steel doors is becoming wider and wider. Consumers are also getting more and more headaches for the cleaning of colored stainless steel doors. So how do you clean colored stainless steel doors?

The first case: If only the surface of the door is stained, wipe it with detergent water. However, it should be noted that the material of the stainless steel door is mirrored or brushed. If the mirror is to pay special attention to the cleaning tool, the rag must be clean and dust-free. In addition, stainless steel cleaning has a special cleaning agent, called stainless steel cleaning agent or stainless steel brightener, also uses a special care agent, stainless steel oil, can remove the stains, restore the stainless steel bright.

The second case: If you want to remove the tape marks on the door or the film, you can wipe it with warm water and then scrub with alcohol.

The third case: If the surface has dirt such as oil stains, it can be directly scrubbed with a soft cloth and then washed with ammonia solution.

Case 4: If the surface of the colored stainless steel door has bleach and various acids, it can be washed immediately with water, then with neutral carbonated soda, and then rinsed with water.

The fifth situation: the surface of the door has a rainbow pattern, which may be caused by too much oil, or detergent, washed with warm water.

The sixth case: If the surface is rusted, it can be cleaned with a concentration of 10% nitric acid, or a special maintenance solution, and finally coated with a similar color to achieve a view of 1 meter.

The seventh situation: If there are stubborn stains on the surface, you can use the radish or cucumber pedicle to wipe with the detergent. Do not use the steel ball, it will cause great damage to the door.

In addition, after the color stainless steel door is installed, the protective film is torn off within one week, otherwise the protective film is subjected to wind and sun, and the protective wax cannot be peeled off or it may be difficult to tear.

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